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Professional Sewer Line Repair in Acworth, GA

Efficient and reliable sewer lines are integral to your home's overall safety and comfort. Nonetheless, the nature of their work makes them prone to wear and tear corrosion, and other problems. Whenever your sewer line stops functioning correctly, contact Absolute Plumbing for professional and cost-effective sewer line repair in Acworth, GA. In business since 2008, we only hire fully licensed, insured, and certified plumbers and keep them current with the latest technologies to ensure our clients get outstanding service. We’re highly trained and experienced in detecting and resolving sewer line issues quickly, thus saving you time and money.


Tell-Tale Signs Your Sewer Lines Need Repair or Replacement

Defective sewer lines have both hidden and obvious warning signs. You may notice that your toilet makes gurgling sounds when flushed or a filthy smell around your drains, indicating an obstruction in the sewer line. Slowly draining drains, mold on walls and ceilings, and incidentally, a lush green spot in your yard may indicate a broken or clogged sewer line. In addition, you may notice soggy spots in your yard, a sudden increase in water bills, or increased pest problems. If you do, don't attempt any DIY fixes, we are the best option whenever you need sewer repair services.

Benefits of Sewer Repair

Professional and prompt sewer line replacement and repair extend the service life of your sewer line by removing obstructions and restoring the structural integrity of the sewer pipes. In addition, professional repair prevents messy backups and toilet overflows before they turn into costly repairs.

Before we begin the repair process, our plumbers will carefully inspect your sewer lines to locate the problem and determine if you need to repair or replace sewer line. We also perform pipe descaling and sewer cleaning to prepare the lines for repairs.

Our plumbing company can accomplish both traditional and trenchless sewer line repair. Traditional sewer repair requires us to dig up the area of the affected pipe to address the problem. While this process is messy, you can count on us to dig where necessary and clean up after ourselves when done.

If your sewer line is damaged beyond repair, our plumber in Acworth, GA, can replace it with a new one with pipe bursting. With this trenchless method, we attach a thick cable to a new pipe and pass it through the existing lines, bursting and replacing it with the new pipe simultaneously.